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What Part? Mission Statement:

"Locating car parts made easy... remarkably easy!!"

How can I use this service?
There are currently 2 main ways you can use this service:
  1. Make a FREE request now. This is accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  2. If you wish to speak to an adviser and place your request on the phone, you can also contact us

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What Part? - The Specialist Parts Locator

The 'What Part?' service was created in 2004, after extensive market research highlighted the following problems that people locating parts experienced:

  • Paying extortionate prices for parts from main dealers.
  • Spending countless hours ringing or visiting companies randomly in the hope of locating the used part they required, and still not finding the part.

The market research was then further enhanced to see how other internet based parts locating companies operated, and the following short comings were frequently identified by people searching for new and used car parts using these services:

  • Calling expensive '090' premium rate numbers costing £1.50 per minute to make a parts request.
  • Getting charged for receiving text messages at £1.50 each each, with no guarantee that the companies would have the correct part and without being informed of how the part will cost.
  • Their personal details, i.e. address or car registration numbers, being requested before the search for their part could begin - which people felt uncomfortable in disclosing.
  • Companies ringing them directly using hard-sell tactics.
  • Very limited number of dismantlers on their networks.
  • Hard to use and confusing websites, making it difficult to search for parts quickly and effectively.
  • Waiting hours to receive quotes for the parts they required, and at times not receiving any quotes at all.

The What Part? service implemented all this feedback from the market research and created a service that works more effectively, but without all the problems. We are really proud to offer you a service that has the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use website.
  • No £1.50 per minute premium rate numbers to call to make parts request.
  • A service which is INSTANT - so no waiting for hours to see if you have been successful in locating the part you desire.
  • A service which does ask for some personal details and your car registration number if you feel comfortable, however keeping these confidential and not submitting these to third party companies, so that they ring you and make hard sales on the phone.
  • A option of getting your parts from companies in the trade or private sellers.
  • Not only do we help you to find your part, we also offer you contact details of where you can get your parts fitted from, within your local area.
  • We provide YOU with contact details of companies that have the make and model of car you require parts for - so leaving you to ring them at your own convenience.
  • The biggest network of companies and private sellers on one-single network.
  • Regular opportunities for users of the service to provide feedback of how to further implement ideas and improvements to the service.

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